The minimum quantity per order is 1.000 pieces for our tokens.
The delivery time depends on the design and the quantity of tokens.

If you order tokens with your own design, the production time is estimated at 14 days. If you have ordered tokens with this design before, the production time is 5 business days.
Please contact us if you need your tokens urgently.

Token prices per 1000

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Tokens in white or standard color              

Colored on both sides (regular color), printing in one regular color 

Colored on one side (regular color), printing in one regular color            

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2-zijdig gekleurde munt (regular kleur) bedrukking in één regular kleur

Enkelzijdig bedrukt met of zonder breuklijn

Dubbelzijdig bedrukt met of zonder breuklijn

5 op rij: € 17,15
4 op rij: € 19,73

5 op rij: € 18,55
4 op rij: € 21,34


- Vaste kosten per ontwerp (eenmalig) € 200
- Vaste kosten per herhaalopdracht / '1 token' munten (eenmalig) € 25
Tegen toeslag: opdruk in 'premium' of 'special kleur'

Prijzen zijn inclusief nummering en gelden bij bestellingen tot 100.000 munten
Prijzen voor bestellingen boven 100.000 munten op aanvraag
Prijzen voor munten 3½ op rij of 4½ op rij op aanvraag

Prijzen zijn per 1.000 stuks in euro's, exclusief BTW en verzendkosten.

Token in white or standard color, printing in regular color

Printed on one side – with or without breaking slit

Printed on both sides – with or without breaking slit

5 on a row: € 14,35
4 on a row € 16,51

5 on a row: € 15,75
4 on a row: € 18,12


Standard token colors:

- Start-up costs per design (one time only) € 200
- Start-up costs per repeatorder / '1 token' design (one time only) € 25
Surcharge: printing in 'premium' or 'special color'

Prices are including serial numbering and apply to orders up to 100.000 tokens
Prices for orders exceeding 100.000 tokens are given on request
Prices for tokens 3½ on a row or 4½ on a row are given on request

Prices are per 1.000 pieces in EUR, excluding VAT and delivery costs.



+44(0)20 3514 0018

April, Bologna (IT)Sensation Italy 2013

The first Sensation in Italy was sold out and a great succes! In the Unipol Arena 12.000 people gatered in white and had a great time. It was the first time the Dutchband tokens were used on this scale in Italy and they were a great succes. The wristbands for VIP’s also left a very good impression with the Italian public.

September 2012, Weeze (DE)Q-base 2012

Dancefestival Q-Base is the first festival in Germany to use the Mobile Countertop Terminals. And even on the remote site of this festival (the airstrip of Weeze) all the visitors had no problems whatsoever to buy their tokens in a fast and efficient way.

July 2011, Balado, UKT IN THE PARK 2011

T in the Park was in 2010 one of the first events in the UK to use the Dutchband SealStations. The entry of the 80.000 visitors was really fast and everybody absolutely loved the new wristband. In fact, they loved it so much that they used the system again for the 2011 edition.

January 2014, Groningen (NL)Eurosonic

In 2014 Eurosonic made use of Dutchband RFID wristbands. Thanks to the RFID chip in the wristband, a quick scan showed whether or not or a visitor was entitled to access. The system also showed how many people were in which venue at any given moment; a major benefit for safety.

July 2011, Rotterdam (NL)North Sea Jazz 2011

In a venue with no less than 13 concert halls, 62 Dutchband vending machines make sure that all 65000 visitors can get their tokens in a matter of minutes. This way, North Sea Jazz is a unique and legendary festival that uses up-to-date technology.

August 2011, Vijfhuizen (NL)Mystery Land 2011

How do you make sure 56.000 visitors get their tokens hassle free? During Mysteryland festival, dance lovers were able to get their tokens from 56 CASH and PIN Vending Machines. These vending machines were scattered over the extremely large site, which made getting tokens just a short intervention of the partying.

August 2012, Biddinghuizen (NL)LOWLANDS 2012

Lowlands and Dutchband have been working together for years. At the biggest festival of the Netherlands, this means that thanks to no less than 70 CASH and PIN Vending machines, no visitor has to wait long for their tokens. And that's not the end of it: Dutchband provides the Sealstation wristbands and the wristbands for crew and artists. And those are plenty at this exciting festival!

July 2012, Lichtenvoorde (NL)ZWARTE CROSS 2012

If there is anything the visitors of Zwarte Cross (Black Cross) festival are fond of, it’s speed. And thanks to the SealStations they have been getting their wristbands nice and quickly. And less time spent at the entrance means more time to enjoy the spectacle that is Black Cross Festival.

April, Milano (it)Elita design week

For the second year in a row Dutchband supplied all the wristband for the Elita Design week festival 2013. During the 6 day festival the visitors, staff, press and VIPs wore the special Dutchband entrance wristbands. People were very enthusiastic about the design and comfort of the wristband.

June 2013, Dessel (BE)Graspop MM 2013

This year Graspop Metal Meeting decided to once again use the Dutchband CASH and PIN vending machines to provide their 75.000 visitors with tokens. This way, all visitors of this ever growing festival have their tokens quicker than they can say "where's the booze".


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