Not transferable and super fast

The SealStation is a semi automatic machine that seals Dutchbands most comfortable textile (fabric) wristbands on the wrists of the vistors. The SealStation seals the wristbands safely, fast and exact, cuts the wristband at the correct length and counts every visitors, all within seconds.

The SealStation is developed especially for large (multiday) events. The operators can seal up to 300 wristbands per hour on vistors. The SealStation automatically counts the number of seals so there is always an accurate count of the number of visitors. The wristbands can only be removed by breaking them.

For the organization

The machines are very user-friendly and can be operated by your own employees who, with a little practice, can quickly provide 300 visitors per hour with a wristband. Each SealStation has a built-in counter and sends the numbers of sealed wristbands digitally, so that you as an organization continuously receive real-time information about the visitors streams at the festival entrance.


  • Safe, fast and extremely accurate, within seconds
  • Action speed of 300 wristbands per hour
  • Remote real-time information about the total number of visitors
  • Built-in safety check indicator
  • Plug & Play installation

“Aantal bandjes? Het langstzittende bandje zat zo’n vijf jaar om m’n pols. Momenteel heb ik er vier, maar het waren er elf.

Waarom? Ik vond het er gaaf uitzien! Ik heb een hekel aan sieraden die steeds om en af moeten. Dit is lekker makkelijk en er zit een leuke herinnering aan vast.”

Kimberley (20) Emmen

Why Dutchband? Why Dutchband?


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That is why we continue innovating our solutions to improve insights, efficiency and control – every year.


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In last minute need of 100.000 wristbands? It happens to the best of us. We are prepared for everything.



Simple or extravagant: with our love and attention each wristband becomes a collector’s item.


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Wristbands and tokens are the basis of the economy of your event. We assure you that we handle it with the greatest care in every step of the process.